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Happy Customers!

"Great customer service with a smile! Awesome designs and colors. Unbeatable prices!" - Brian D

"I've been buying tie-dye shirts from Jewel now since she started. I buy them for Christmas presents and birthdays. She makes by far the best designs and the brightest colors in any of the tie-dyed shirts that I've seen out there for sale. It's great to see such a young lady out creating a business like she has. She has such a great smile and always makes sure to wave at everybody that goes by." - Steve 

"Jewel is the best. She is a artist with her tie-dying skills! Our whole family loves her." - Sarah G


​"Great tie-dye clothing and service with a smile. The Corners is rocking again!" - Bill F

"After many months of seeing the festive tie dye stand at Moskowite Corner, we decided to pay a visit. Jewel has a really nice variety of patterns (as well as sizes), and it was super easy to find things for ourselves as well as gifts for others- all at reasonable prices. Who can resist smiling at such happy colors? We now understand why tie dye has had such a revival the last few years. Thank you Jewel, for sharing your sunshine!" -Heather & Randy, Davis CA

"Jewel at the shop is an absolute sweetheart! The clothing is all high quality with a huge variety of styles and tie-dye prints, but what makes the shop amazing is the locals that run it." - Paige A


"These are some of the sweetest folks you will meet, I always look forward to honking the horn and waving hello to them as I go by. I bought 4 or 5 tees, very colorful! - James C


"Jewel is the nicest girl I've met! She has the best tie-dye." - Sarah D

"I love the tank top I got last year, beautiful colors and great quality!" - Claire

"Jewel makes it a very happy place."-Suzette L

"Want to meet someone with a smile as bright as her shirts? Go see Jewel at the stand!" - Sienna S

"It's the coolest place around!"- Jeff

"Jewel makes gorgeous tie-dye." - Wendie K

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